Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Why should you hire an interior designer? Alright. It’s important to understand when you're doing a "Project" ... we're talking... this isn't a small thing.

You're not buying a comforter. You're not buying... even a car.

You can return a car at least for a couple days. You can return a comforter, usually for 30 days, maybe more.

When you're purchasing a "project" whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom, or whether you're doing an entire furniture and furnishings selection in the living room, you need an insurance that is going to come out right.

Insurance and assurance.

So, why hire a designer? Because we're going to deliver the design to you. You're going to know what you're getting before you get it. You're going to know what to expect before you dish out $10,000. $40,000. $100,000. $500,000.

You're going to want to make sure that whatever we're producing in the design world is going to be what you're getting on the other end.

The best way to do that?

Hire a designer.