Top Design Tips To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

What are a few design tricks that can help spruce up your bathroom?

Lana’s reply: The first thing you could do is have a new decorative mirror or something that speaks to you and your style. It could be traditional or modern but that is a place where you can add a little bit more style to your bathroom. The second thing you could do to add symmetry is to add wall sconces on both sides of the mirror, it's a bit of jewelry you can add to your bathroom. The third thing is to introduce a feature wall behind your vanity for a pop of color. A paint color that you like, or you can go with a beautiful wall covering - it will really add character to your room and dress up that space… especially in a powder room. I think the fourth thing that you can consider doing is adding in coordinated accessories. Something that ties in with the color and the theme of the bathroom and brings it up a notch. Just by having the same type of colored glass or the same type of metal finishes, that's really going to tie the whole design of the room together.

Do all metal finishes need to match?

Lana’s reply: Yes and no…it's a question that we get asked a lot.  Generally, I think all of the metal finishes need to match. If you have a bathroom in a brass finish or if you have a bathroom in a polished nickel finish it's going to be a little bit more traditional. If that's what you're going for I would say definitely match your finishes. If you want to add more interest to the vanity area I would say introduce a different finish. Whether your whole space is in a chrome finish with accessories, maybe you just want to switch out your faucet and update your sink area, your wall scones and your hardware and your fixture might be the same finish and you can mix in a finish that you like, whether it's matte black to make it more modern or you can make it more chic by adding in brass. I think this is a really good example from Jonathan’s recent project where he added in a pop of color via the beautiful wall covering and the amethyst stone hardware to coordinate and tie things together. The beautiful decorative mirror and two wall sconces perfectly adds symmetry to this space!