Design and Decoration

There are many reasons why someone would seek design and decoration services. Perhaps you just bought your first home and only have a sofa and a table to furnish it. Or maybe you've been living in your dream house for years but have never quite made it your own. For business a business owner, that new restaurant has fantastic space, but it needs to have a coherent atmosphere. Whatever your reasons may be, interior design and decoration is your key to putting a personal stamp on your surroundings.

Design Versus Decoration

Design and decoration are part of the same industry, but they're different in scope. Interior Decoration is more art than science and requires less formal training to accomplish and implement. Decorators can certainly update a space, but only an Interior Designer can truly take it to the next level. Interior Design is both an art and a science. In addition to finishing a space with paint colors, wall treatments, floor treatments, light fixtures, and furniture, Interior Designers can specify wall locations for a finished basement, lay out a bathroom, create an addition, and develop a kitchen from scratch. Think of it as interior architecture. It's important to note that most Interior Designers are adept at Interior Decoration, but most Interior Decorators do not practice Interior Design. As a full-service firm, Design by the Jonathans has a team of Interior Designers that offer both services simultaneously.

It's All in the Details

Design by the Jonathans creates personalized design solutions - we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we believe that every project should reflect your ideas, values, and personal taste, resulting in layered spaces that are unique, beautiful, functional, and comfortable.