Design Consultations

The Process

A design consultation is the first foray into any design or construction project. Whether you'd like a new kitchen, an updated living room, or just some information about the right color to paint your walls, a consultation will point you in the right direction. The consultation itself is a way for us to get to know you, your wants, and your needs in conjunction with your space-which are all very important details in creating a personalized design. There's no pressure to conform to a trend or choose the popular option - just be yourself, and we'll create a road map for how best to move forward.

The Problem with Free Consultations

There are many firms that offer free design consultations, but there's usually a catch. Free consultations aren't offered as a nicety - there's an expectation that firms will make their money back! The easiest way to do this is to charge excessive mark-ups on products that you purchase, or to charge an arbitrary flat-fee for the overall service.

The Better Way

We do charge our clients for the design consultation, but we do this to build trust. Rather than riddle the process with hidden costs, we like our clients to understand exactly what they are getting from our partnership upfront. We have no cause to pressure our clients to move forward in a certain direction or to purchase specific products. You'll have access to creative design with no strings attached. If there's any reason why you're not pleased with the consultation, just let us know and you won't pay a penny. By offering this guarantee, we ensure that our clients are getting something truly worthwhile for their time and money.